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Boulder Colorado Mountain Proposal | Lost Gulch Overlook Engagement Photography | Colorado Wedding Photographer | Haley Allen Photography | Wes + Rebecca

Wes first reached out about a month before popping the question for his Boulder Colorado mountain proposal to Rebecca. He & I chatted about his vision and landed on Lost Gulch Overlook for the location. Him never having been there before, I gave him a run down of the area, the best spots to drop to one knee (it’s rocky there!), & what to expect. Having thought everything through, he had a cover reason for being in Boulder and for being dressed up. His parents having come into town, they were all going to a nice dinner that evening. He sent me a photo of him & Rebecca so I knew who to look for. We even decided on code phrases & names. haha!

Lost Gulch Overlook is a popular spot, especially on weekends near sunset. In one way, it’s tough to photograph around others, but in another way, I could hang out there undetected since most people are there taking photos & enjoying the scene. Wes texted me what they were wearing a few hours before. When Wes & Rebecca arrived, I realized she was in wedge heels & probably wasn’t going to clamor over the rocks to get the view we had previously talked about. I did my best to sneak back inconspicuously behind them. Knowing he might be nervous, Wes told me the signal that he was about to propose was putting his arm around Rebecca, so I knew we were close when I saw this.

Hilariously, right as Wes did that, I heard Rebecca say “Let’s take a selfie!” and she flipped around facing me, holding up her cell phone to get the mountain scene behind her. I froze and did my best to nonchalantly to pan with my long lens, pretending I wasn’t photographing them while silently praying she didn’t notice me (she didn’t).

Lost Gulch Overlook Proposal

Lost Gulch Overlook Proposal
Boulder Colorado Couple Engagement
Boulder Mountain ProposalRebecca later said she had no idea. Did not see it coming at all! She & Wes had just bought a house and they were busy getting it move-in ready. She noticed he had been acting a little different but assumed it was just from the house. This was where she heard the shutter clicking and realized I was there.
She Said Yes Proposal
Boulder Colorado Proposal Engaged
Mountain Top proposal Colorado
Popping the question mountain
Boulder Mountain Proposal
Newly Engaged Boulder Colorado
Flagstaff Mountain Proposal
Rebecca was ok with scrambling over the rocks so we headed down to the other side, onlookers congratulating them along the way. They were so cute together. It’s always funny experiencing such a huge moment in someone’s life when you’ve never met them before this point. Rebecca couldn’t have been more sweet!
Boulder Engagement Photography
Flagstaff Mountain Proposal PhotographyFlagstaff Mountain Proposal PhotographerBoulder Mountain Proposal PhotographyWes’ mom strategically had taken them for manicures earlier. Still didn’t cause suspicion for Rebecca!
Boulder Colorado Mountain Proposal Photographer
Lost Gulch Overlook Proposal Photos
Lost Gulch Overlook Proposal Photography
Colorado Rocky Mountain Proposal
Mountaintop Proposal Photography
Mountaintop Proposal Pictures
Boulder Mountain Proposal PhotographyBoulder Colorado Proposal Photography

After taking the last photos at this gorgeous spot for their Boulder Colorado mountain proposal at Lost Gulch Overlook, I pretended to leave, however the surprises were not over for Rebecca. Little did she know, both of their families & a close friend were all waiting in downtown Denver to celebrate with a Flagstaff House dinner. I peeled out of there because I had to get down the mountain, park downtown & make it to the previously agreed upon spot before they did & you just never know how parking will be in Boulder on a Saturday.

Thankfully I was able to make it to the colorful brick alley way where the families were waiting about 2 minutes before them, despite them finding better parking than me! haha. Wes literally had to grab Rebecca’s shoulders and turn her towards their family! For me, getting to see the excitement & greeting by their family was so rewarding. These are the moments I love & live for!
Downtown Boulder Colorado Proposal Photos
Downtown Boulder Colorado Proposal Photographer
Downtown Boulder Proposal Celebration
Boulder Mountain Proposal
We're getting married boulder
Boulder Mountain Proposal
Family after proposal photosBoulder Mountain Proposal
Mountain proposal family celebration photosBoulder Mountain Proposal
Boulder Proposal Photographer

Congrats again Wes & Rebecca! Thanks for having me capture this amazing day in your lives!

Boulder Colorado Mountain Proposal | Colorado Mountain Engagement Photography |
Colorado Wedding Photographer | Haley Allen Photography | Wes + Rebecca

  • Ashleigh said:

    Gorgeous. You never cease to amaze me with your photos!

  • Julia said:

    you couldn't have asked for a prettier sky!

  • Lindsay said:

    Oh I love this so much! I love how the family was involved, that he used code names and you were able to capture TWO special moments (the proposal and the family greeting them shortly after). Beautiful work as both secret agent spy and photographer. It looks like no one else is at Lost Gulch when obviously it was busy. Such a beautiful job!

  • Sarah said:

    This is cuteness overload to me! Such awesome photos! I love the fact that you photographed the reactions of their family members, the one of her and her mom (?) warms my heart so much!

  • Sarah said:

    I love that location so much! You can feel the joy oozing out of her, freaking love it.

  • Virginia said:

    My husband proposed in our dining room over a styrofoam cup full of jamba juice. This is definitely prettier. Either way, I wish you had been there to capture it! You are so so good at what you do!

  • Cara said:

    Yasssss girl! These are perfect. I love how the family met them after. Talk about a perfect colorado proposal!

  • Anna said:

    Oh my goodness!!! So adorable! I commend her for going on that hike in wedges!!! The photos are stunning. Can't wait to see their wedding day photos :)

  • Kathryn Kim said:

    Aww what a sweet proposal! That view was the perfect backdrop! I love the reactions when she saw her family too, so sweet!

  • Shannon said:

    Wow, what a stunning location for a proposal! The views are amazing and the photographs gorgeous. She definitely go a sweet guy, such a romantic proposal!

  • Shea said:

    Oh my goodness I love proposal photos! And you captured it beautifully!!!

  • Heather said:

    I love the shots of the couple meeting up with the family! So much happiness.

  • Valeria said:

    The proposal photos are just incredible but my favorites are the candids with the families! So beautiful. You can really tell what a sweet couple they are!

  • Micah said:

    These are beautiful! Such a cute proposal and he did so good with her ring!